French Earl Grey Tea. LDF Exclusive!
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Available exclusively at Lectures de France, French Earl Grey Tea in a unique tin. This original item will delight all tea lovers and French culture enthusiasts.
Add a gift bag and a gift card and turn our French Earl Grey Tea Tin into a one of a kind gift perfect for all occasions.

  • This historically authentic French Earl Tea blends Orange Pekoe Black Tea loose tea leaves, rose petals, Bergamot Citrus oil, and rose flavoring.
  • The air tight tin is adorned with a black and white sketch of the Versailles Palace & Gardens in the front and a summary of the origin of tea drinking in France at the back.[see below]
  • Our French Earl Grey tea was hand blended by master tea blender Oliver Pluff & Company - Charleston, SC.
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  • Origin of tea drinking in France.

    Tea first arrived in Paris in 1636, a full 22 years before it arrived in England, and quickly became popular among the French nobility. Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, became a tea drinker in 1665. Tea became fashionable and was popularly known as a mental stimulant that ''cures all ills". Tea was often complemented by hot milk, which was considered a "French touch".

    The popularity of tea among the upper classes in France caused it to be seen as a luxury good, a symbol of royalty, which went the way of the royal monarchy during the French Revolution in 1789. As in the American Revolution, tea drinking became unpatriotic and tea remained out of vogue for the next half century.

    Today, tea has regained its popularity from yore and Paris alone boasts over 140 salons de thé.

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