Histoire d'une mouette...L. Sepulveda.
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The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly.
It's migration time and as a mother gull dives into the water to catch a herring she's caught in an oil slick! Thinking of the egg she is about to lay she manages to extract herself and fly to the nearest port.
Exhausted, she lands on a balcony where Zorba the cat is sunning himself. Zorba wants to get help, but the gull knows it's too late and she extracts three promises from him: 1) That he won't eat the egg, 2) that he'll take care of the chick until it hatches, and 3) that he'll teach it to fly.
Well the first two are hard enough, but the third one is surely impossible. Or is it?

Title published in 20 countries - Sold over 1 million copies - Subject of a feature film -

LDF Notes: For proficient readers. Chapter books.

Histoire d'une mouette et du chat qui lui apprit à voler.
Zorbas le chat grand noir et gros a promis à la mouette qui est venue mourir sur son balcon de couver son dernier oeuf, de protéger le poussin et de lui apprendre à voler.
Tous les chats du port de Hambourg vont se mobiliser pour l'aider à tenir ces promesses insolites.

A travers les aventures rocambolesques et drôles de Zorbas et Afortunada, on découvre la solidarité, la tendresse, la nature et la poésie.

Titre publié dans plus de 20 pays - 1 million + d'exemplaires vendus - Sujet d'un film -

Notes LDF: Pour bons lecteurs. Livres à chapitres.

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