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CHOICES FOR BOOK # 1: Age Group Reader 1:
Only fiction books?:   Yes    No (non fiction only)    Mix it up 
Is reader 1 a native French speaker?:   Yes    No 
CHOICES FOR BOOK # 2: Age Group Reader 2:
Only fiction books?:   Yes    No (non fiction only)    Mix it up 
Is reader 2 a native French speaker?:   Yes    No 
CHOICES FOR BOOK # 3: Age Group of reader 3:
Only fiction books?:   Yes    No (non fiction only)    Mix it up 
Is reader 3 a native French speaker?:   Yes    No 
CHOICES FOR BOOK # 4: Age Group of reader 4:
Only fiction books?:   Yes    No (non fiction only)    Mix it up 
Is reader 4 a native French speaker?:   Yes    No 
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Red Rental Plan:

=> 4 French books per shipment - Maximum 1 shipment per month
=> Build your own title Wish List or let us do the selection
=> Monthly flat fee of $17.99
=> Includes FREE shipping both ways. Packaging & Shipping Label are provided.
=> Convenient home delivery & pick up
=> No due date, no late fees, keep the same books as long as you wish
=> No long term commitment, cancel anytime

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I do first?
In order to subscribe to any rental plans, you will first need to Login or Create a Customer Account. You may then select the Rental Plan that suits your reading needs best: Blue Rental Plan (2 books/month) - White Rental Plan (3 books/month) - Red Rental Plan (4 books/month) - To finalize your subscription, select checkout and provide payment . That's it!
2. Why am I being asked questions about the reader(s)?
You may not wish to select titles yourself by adding them to your Wish List, in this case, we will use the answers you provided regarding the reader(s) to select the best suited books for you.
3. What is the Wish List for?
Once you have completed your subscription order, you have the option to select the titles you would like to receive by adding them to your Wish List. When we fill your first shipment (and the following ones), we will look at your Wish List and pick from there. We make every attempt to select only books for which you have expressed an interest, however, for stock availability reasons, we may not be in a position to accommodate your choices for every book in every shipment. 
4. Will I receive the same titles more than once?
No, unless you request a specific title twice. We keep track of every book sent to you so that there is never any chance you get the same title twice. 
5. How? Where? and Who? selects the rental titles?
You may select the titles ypurself by adding them to your Wish List. When we get your next shipment ready, we make every effort to pick from the titles in your Wish List. If your Wish List is empty or you do not wish to select titles yourself, we follow the answers you provided about the readers when you subscribed.
6. The titles I received are not age and/or linguistic level appropriate, what can I do?
Please let us know as soon as possible, so that we may update your file to reflect your assessment. Please contact us by phone, mail or email to let us know. Your next shipment will reflect your requested changes.
7. The reader has reached a different reading/interest level, how can I change the kind of books we are receiving?
Please contact us by phone, mail or email to let us know. We will update your file and your next shipment will reflect your requested changes.
8. What products are available for rental?
Only books are available for rental. Games, posters, school supplies, some learning resources, magazines, all items in our Unique Gifts, Small Gifts, Stationary sections are not available for rental. If items not available for rental are in your Wish List, we will either delete or overlook them.
All books currently viewable on our web site are available for rental. We also have other books, not currently viewable on the site, from which we will select, if we feel they match your stated preferences.
9. If I keep my books for over a month, what will happen?
Nothing. You may keep the books for as long as you wish, you will never be charged late fees. You subscription will renew monthly, and as soon as we receive the books back, we will send your next shipment. Take the books on your next vacation, return them when you get home!
10. How do I return the books after I am done?
With every shipment, we supply the packaging and return postage prepaid label. Just package the books using the original mailer, stick the provided prepaid shipping label and drop the package in a mailbox or set it outside for your mailman to pick up. All labels have tracking numbers, so we'll know when your package has been picked up and is on its way back to us.
11. I lost the packaging and/or prepaid return label, what do I do?
It is your responsibility to return the books to us in a reasonably protective mailer, freight prepaid. We supply all the necesary items but if you lose or misplace them, you will need to purchase repalcements at your charge. We do not accept C.O.D deliveries for return rental packages. 
12. I want to cancel my subscription(s), what do I do?
You may cancel your subscriptions any time by contacting us by phone, mail or email. We will stop all new shipments immediately. However, your cancelation will become effective only on the day we receive the last of all rented books previously shipped to you. Until we receive all rental books back, your monthly subscription will continue. We do not offer pro-rated charges or partial refunds on subscriptions. There is a flat fee of $20.00 for each book not returned or lost.
13. What if I lose a rented book?
There is a flat fee of $20.00 for each book not returned or lost.

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